Simple, but powerful, mind-body tools that are well-researched. These techniques help you harness the power of your mind and balance the energy of your body. You'll learn how to process the emotions of stress and activate the relax and heal body systems. These are practices that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. They are what I use to keep myself healthy and what I teach my clients.

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Franklin

I'm a clinical psychologist and Reiki Master. I integrate contemporary psychology and ancient natural healing practices into my work. There are many ways that we can improve the quality of our lives through simple natural ways. It takes a little longer than popping a pill, but these practices help you shift your mind and body and without negative effects.

*These self-help courses are not intended as mental health treatment and are not a substitute for seeking medical attention when appropriate. Take responsibility for your own well-being and seek professional help if needed.